(Incorporating Triton Lodge No 7738, Amalgamated 14th December 2011)

Consecrated 26th October 1955

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How much does it cost to be a Freemason?

All Lodges require certain fees and subscriptions. Peace & Friendship Lodge currently charges £240 a year starting from our January meeting. This includes the cost of dinner and wine or in Masonic terms ‘The Festive Board’ which takes place immediately after each of our four meetings per year. If you join the Lodge part way through a year, the subscription is reduced by the Dining fee of £30 for each meeting that has already taken place.

The Festive Board is a very important aspect within Freemasonry as dining with brethren of the Lodge and guests is where longer term friendships are cemented. Should you invite any Masonic guests, it is normal that as their host you would pay their dining fee which at Peace & Friendship Lodge is currently £30.

Dress for Lodge Meetings is dark lounge suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes. When any regalia is required, you will be advised but this is relatively inexpensive. Good condition second hand Regalia can often been found on Internet sites such as Ebay.

Freemasons are encouraged to donate money to charity but only in accordance with their means. This is always optional as giving to charity is a matter for your own conscience and ability to pay.