(Incorporating Triton Lodge No 7738, Amalgamated 14th December 2011)

Consecrated 26th October 1955

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The Master and Brethren of Peace & Friendship Lodge are pleased to welcome you to our web-site which we hope will prove both interesting and informative whether or not you are a Freemason.

As Websites and Social Media networks are now primary methods of communication in most walks of life, we believe Masonic Lodges should embrace the technology for members and the broader community who may in the future have an interest in joining Freemasonry.

Peace & Friendship Lodge which is part of Metropolitan Grand Lodge has active members from many cultures and backgrounds.

Our regular meetings take place four times a year are held at Freemasons' Hall in Central London.

Lodge of Instruction takes place every other week at Edgware Masorti Synagogue

This site provides information on the Lodge activities, membership, charity and links to other associated sites.

We are always looking for prospective candidates so if you're interested in Masonry and thinking of joining a Masonic Lodge, please contact the Lodge secretary